ChewProof Indestructible
Dog Beds

A Dog Bed for Life

Don’t Miss Out!

“Wait, pre-order? You mean you don’t have any right now?”

We can barely believe it.

Following two years of relentless testing, where we gave our beds to some of the worst dogs in Australia, we finally perfected the formula.

Even my own dog, Jasper…

(who destroyed his last supposedly indestructible bed in around two hours)

…finally met his match.

So when we launched, and we offered a one-year guarantee for our products, owners of cheeky dogs everywhere came running.

Kennels and rescue centres put in bulk orders.

And six months’ worth of beds were all sold in less than two months.

Even I was shocked, and I can understand their popularity better than anyone.

Watching Jasper destroy his last bed was frustrating and heartbreaking.

He had no idea he was doing anything wrong, and he didn’t understand the look of helpless shock in my eyes.

But building a Chewproof bed takes time.

 We have to source the right materials. The strongest available.

We have to make sure they’re put together so solidly that even the cheekiest of cheeky dogs can’t mess with them.

We ship parts from all over the world.

Some are local, so that’s easy. Shipping isn’t much of an issue there. Just making sure everything’s up to our exceptionally high standards.

But others have to come from further afield.

And as the owner of a cheeky dog, I’m sure you understand that better than anybody.

We can’t compromise quality on any part of our dog beds.

So if you pre-order today, we’ll make sure you’re at the top of the list as soon as the next batch arrives.

Not only that, we’ll keep you updated at every step of the way. So you’ll always know the exact status of your order.

“Can I just wait until the new stock comes in?”

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Nobody was more surprised and delighted than I was by the popularity of Chewproof dog beds.

It seems there are a lot of cheeky dog owners out there in desperate need of our solution.

Many more than I’d anticipated.

But I suspect what we’ve already seen is just the beginning.

More owners, more kennels, and more rescue centres are already placing orders.

And I don’t want anybody to miss out.

Get your order in today!

  • You’ll get your Chewproof bed as soon as it’s available.
  • You’ll lock in the prices we’re advertising right now.
  • And if you place your order now, shipping is FREE!

But most importantly –

The sooner it arrives, the sooner those “But what did I do wrong?” looks from your cheeky dog will be a thing of the past.

“But once you get the next lot of stock in, you won’t run out again, right?”

I certainly hope not.

After the ordeal Jasper and I went through trying to find a bed he couldn’t destroy, I don’t want other dogs and their owners suffering the same way.

But I was caught by surprise once before.

And whilst we’re working tirelessly to anticipate further growth in demand, it’d be presumptuous of me to tell you it’ll never happen again.

Right now, we’re anticipating the arrival of the new batch in early July.

So get your order in now.

That way, no matter what happens, you know your bed is on its way.