ChewProof: The Best Unchewable Dog Bed Australia

This product is the Frame only: Mats are sold Separately!

ChewProof, the unchewable dog bed is a hammock style without any exposed fabric for dogs to chew on. Because of the strength of an aluminium frame and the comfort of a mesh or PVC hammock, your dog will enjoy the comfort, without gnawing away at the exposed fabric around the edges.

ChewProof beds are designed to be indestructible and taking the punishment that our dogs dish out on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice the comfort of your dog.

The playful nature of young pups demands a tough bed, and the hammock style provides orthopaedic support as they age.

We love our dogs, and of course, after a playful and sometimes naughty dog day, it’s that time when they’re sleeping for our angel to appear. Restful sleep on a well-supported bed is as important for them as it is for us.

That is why they deserve the best! The strongest frames, and comfortable mats, help them rejuvenate and get ready for whatever the next round of activity brings…

Both the aluminium frames and heavy-duty mats (Sold Separately) are the toughest on the market. Because they are designed to be Tuff and handle the persistent punishment of an active dog while still offering orthopaedic support for large breeds and ageing dogs need.

We know you love your dog, and that’s why we pride ourselves on offering “Strength, Comfort and Durability” so you and your dog can rest with peace of mind.

Which Mat suits my dog?

ChewProof Mesh Mats

We know Australian dogs are tough (even when they have a foreign-sounding name, like American Staffy). These Mats are the toughest Mesh Mats in Australia, Made in Australia for Australia’s sometimes harsh conditions and tough dogs locally.

We Guarantee our Mesh Mats for 12 months from the date of purchase, upon registration for any chewing-related incident or damage.

ChewProof Riplock PVC Mats

Our toughest mats, and the toughest mats sold in Australia (we believe).

The Riplock mats are guaranteed for 12 months against all dog-related damage, Chewing, scratching, digging, and whatever punishment your dog can throw at this mat, we’ll guarantee it.

To claim our extended Warranty, you will need to register your purchase and keep proof of purchase.

Best for Small Breed Dogs including:

  • Jack Russels
  • French Bulldogs
  • Daushounds
  • Many of the ‘oodles

as well as a host of other breeds.

Assembling the bed is easy, follow to Building Your ChewProof bed

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What You Get

  • All Aluminium Surrounds that can’t be chewed.
  • Rubber footings to protect your floor.
  • For Breeds up to 150kg
  • Frames Guaranteed for the life of your dog

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Dimensions: 65cm (w) x 45cm (l) x 16cm (h)