ChewProof Indestructible Dog Beds

A Dog Bed for Life Guaranteed


ChewProof not only provided our company with an exceptional service whilst we were gathering quotes, they delivered over 200 beds to separate sites in a remarkable time frame too.

The beds themselves are strong and robust, yet look highly desirable in the pens. Most importantly of all, is that our dogs like them too!

Hayley Kennington, Operations Manager, RSPCA Queensland

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Order your Chew Proof indestructible dog bed! We ship from Brisbane, so Australian customers will benefit from speedy, low cost delivery.

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Which Mat Should I Buy?

Building your Chew Proof Dog Bed

Why Choose a ChewProof Dog Bed

  • The RSPCA Chooses ChewProof for their shelters RSPCA

  • The durable beds save you time, money and stress in the long run
  • Purpose-built design with an aluminium furniture grade finish
  • One Bed for life; The Frames are guaranteed for the life of your fur-child
  • The dog bed of choice for Kennels, Doggy Day Care centres, Shelters, Rescues and Breeders
  • The Trampoline style offers orthopedic support for larger breeds and aging dogs
  • Tough Mesh and Riplock Mats to Choose from (we recommend the Riplock for diggers)
  • Our clean, simple and minimalist design means no chewy bits to destroy!
  • Australian made Mats ensure durability with 12 month Guarantee for Riplock PVC mats, and 100 days for Tough Pet Mesh mats.

  • Lightweight aluminium construction is easy to move and will not rust and mark your flooring
  • As a result, ChewProof is great for toothy breeds such as: Border Collies, Dalmations, Boxers, Bulldogs, Staffys, Beagles, Huskies, Golden Retreivers, Airdales, Dachshunds, Mastiffs. Whippets/Greyhounds, English Setters

Australian Made Mats, For Australian Conditions

All ChewProof Mats are designed and made locally in conjunction with Boomerang Canvas in Brisbane, a division of Pro-Fit Canopies.

Riplock PVC Mats

Our Riplock PVC materials are sourced from local suppliers and the 680GSM mats are highly durable.

You can upgrade to a 900GSM Fabric for even greater durability for a small fee.

HiFlow TuffMesh

Throughout 2022 we continued to develop the mesh mats, constantly seeking strength, durability and drain-ability. Early in 2023, we uncovered a vandal resistant material that is also resistant against constant scratching by dogs. This material has the added advantage over previous mats that is drains extremely quickly.

The HiFlow TuffMesh mat is designed and produced locally. This compound and weave make the mat both vandal and scratch resistant, delivering high durability and also adding the benefit that if a dog gets it’s nail into the weave, the mesh will seize around the intrusion, something uncomfortable for the dog to continue doing, hence they will give up.


Both mats are easy to clean and disinfect, and non-bleaching detergents and disinfectants are recommended. Harsh bleaching agents and ammonia based cleaners are not recommended as they can compromise the material of the mats and reduce the lifespan.

Video Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

I currently work for Western Downs Regional Council in the Animal Management Team and we have updated our beds to Chewproof beds, Kevin came out and helped us set most of them and we are so thankful.

We love the new beds, they enable more efficient infection control on our facilities, creates more relaxed dogs to have a good bed and they are indestructible as well as easy to clean.

Jaimee Radke, Western Downs Regional Council Animal Protection
It is so well made, and the quality is fantastic! Our dog drags it around but it is standing up well to all his antics. He’s given up trying to chew it and is just enjoying it. There’s no damage to it at all.

I would confidently recommend both this company and their products to anyone seeking a good quality and tough but comfortable dog bed.

Trish White
We trialled 4 different brand tough beds over the last 3 months. Chewproof has been a clear winner in terms of durability, dog comfort and price.
They have seen everything from a 60kg St Bernard to teenage Labradors and still look new.
Crista Fleming, Porcupine Pet Lodge

“I bought this brilliant bed for our chewy Staffy, Lucie. Try as she might (and believe me, she gave it her best!), she has now made peace with the fact that there’s no way in.

Now she’s using it happily and comfortably. Awesome!!”

Sarah Attwood, Happy Customer
After going through a new bed every 2 weeks with my crazy little sister Sailor, we are 2 weeks in with our new ChewProof bed and not a single nibble! We got the XL because we like to share.

Thanks ChewProof for our new bed, Talbot and Sailor(the pups)

Sally Green

We have been using ChewProof indestructible dog beds in our doggy day-care for a number of months and can’t believe how strong they are. We have approximate 60 dogs a day and not one bed has been chewed or broken. Unlike other brands!

Paws and Relax, Doggy Day Care
“These Beds are fantastic. They suit exactly what we need. They drain really well and dry really quickly. They’re super easy to clean and put up with the most challenging dogs.”
David Draper, Fido & Felix Boarding Kennels & Cattery Brisbane
Excellent quality beds – easy to assemble, clean, and feel sturdy enough to last a long time. Finnish Lapphund approved.
Oliver Hoffman
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Frequently Asked Questions

Loose and exposed fabric is the enemy!

The beds have no fabric exposed where it can be chewed, the seams are secured inside a channel within the frame, so your fur child can’t get to it with their teeth.

This vinyl is coated in polyester to foil those persistent diggers and is easily cleaned. We recommend this option to our professional customers and regular households alike.

If it can’t be seen or touched, it can’t be chewed!

This means no gaps in fabric, no edges to yank on or grooves to get teeth into. We’re so happy with this design, our beds are backed with an all-inclusive 12 month warranty for Riplock PVC mats and 100 days for Tough Pet Mesh mats.


Being off the ground in a cot-style bed evenly distributes weight so pressure points are relieved and dogs can enjoy a more comfortable area to lounge in pain-free.

For dogs with Atopic Allergies:

These allergies are usually caused by particles that are inhaled (mould, pollen, dust mites etc).

For these dogs we recommend our Riplock PVC mats. This fabric will not harbour allergens that may have come off your dogs fur or paws.

This fabric can be easily cleaned which means irritants are wiped off with a damp cloth or even hosed down and wiped dry for immediate use.


Because our beds keep your dog up off the floor, your dog’s body heat won’t be absorbed or retained.

Chew Proof Dog Beds Extended Warranty

  • The Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium Frame Guaranteed for the life of your dog (10 years from purchase)
  • The Australian developed and made mats
    – Riplock PVC Mats – 12 months for damage caused by your dog (Chewing, Scratching, Digging etc…).
    – Heavy Duty Mesh Mats – 100 days for any chewing related damage.

  • Chewproof Extended warranty is free upon registration post purchase
ChewProof Dog Bed