In the heart of Brisbane, Australia, a local business is making waves in the pet care industry and contributing to a greater cause. ChewProof, renowned for their durable dog beds, is not just a commercial enterprise; it’s a movement committed to enhancing pet welfare, particularly for dogs with destructive tendencies. 

A Tale of Chew-Proof Comfort 

Anyone who owns a dog knows that their four-legged friend can be both a bundle of joy and a handful. For pet parents dealing with destructive chewers, life can get a tad frustrating. Traditional dog beds hardly last, torn apart by eager paws and sharp teeth, leaving owners continuously replacing these beds. This was the problem that ChewProof sought to solve because the founder had one such pup, Jasper. 

“Our aim was to create a product that is not only durable but also comfortable for the dogs.” said Kevin Gammie, the founder of ChewProof. “We wanted to ensure that the bed stands up to heavy chewing, digging, and scratching, giving peace of mind to pawents everywhere and a comfortable and durable resting place for their pets.” 

Constructed with light weight, heavy-duty materials resistant to tearing and chewing, ChewProof beds are a game-changer for the pet care industry. These beds are tested in the toughest environments to ensure they meet the high standards for durability without compromising comfort. The balance of resilience and coziness has made ChewProof the go-to brand for those seeking longevity in a pet bed. 

Partnerships that Matter 

What sets ChewProof apart is its commitment to pet welfare beyond its products. The company has formed a partnership with a number of rescue centres including RSPCA Queensland, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has several programs in place, including pet rescue centres and boarding kennels, making it a perfect match for ChewProof’s mission.

Through this partnership, ChewProof offers their indestructible beds at discounted rates for the RSPCA Queensland’s rehabilitation and boarding kennels managed by RSPCA, ensuring that even the most destructive dogs have a comfortable place to rest. 

The Impact on the Community 

For a local business based in Brisbane, the reach of ChewProof’s influence has been remarkable. Dog owners from across Queensland and throughout Australia and beyond have embraced the brand not only for its product excellence but also for its dedication to pet welfare. 

“It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about creating an impact,” says the founder. “Our collaboration with RSPCA and other Rescue centres, helps us give back to the community and supports the wonderful work they do in rescuing and rehabilitating animals.” 

The Future is Bright 

ChewProof aims to continue its innovative contributions to the pet care industry. “We’re constantly researching new materials and products to enhance our range,” the founder adds. Plans are in the pipeline to expand their offerings, and collaborations with other organizations that align with their mission are also on the horizon. 

Dogs Relaxing in ChewProof Dog Bed

By creating an unmatched product and forging meaningful partnerships, ChewProof is making strides in changing the narrative around destructive dogs. Through their ongoing relationship with RSPCA Queensland, they are fostering a brighter future for pets and pet pawents alike. 

For dog owners seeking a solution to endless bed replacements and those who want to support a company that gives back, ChewProof stands as a beacon of both quality and compassion. 

For more information about ChewProof and their work with RSPCA Queensland, visit their website or call their Brisbane-based team. 

If you are associated with or are a rescue organisation and would like ChewProof’s support, reach out and let’s see what we can do. We would love to help you.