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Why ChewProof Chooses Not to Participate in Black Friday – Our Commitment to Year-Round Value and Local Quality

November 23, 2023|

At ChewProof, our commitment has always been to offer the best for your pets while supporting our local community and maintaining fair pricing. As the Black Friday sales approach, we [...]

ChewProof: Creating Indestructible Dog Beds While Supporting Queensland’s RSPCA

October 31, 2023|

In the heart of Brisbane, Australia, a local business is making waves in the pet care industry and contributing to a greater cause. ChewProof, renowned for their durable dog beds, [...]


August 4, 2022|

“Scoot over bro, this bed is mine!” Mia loves to laze around, but so does her brother. Don’t worry Mia. There’s enough room for the two of you in this [...]

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