Welcome to ChewProof, where our mission is to make it EASY for you to give your furry family member their best life.

Our story began out of sheer frustration—I’m possibly Australia’s worst dog trainer. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get Jasper to stop destroying beds. Through this struggle, I discovered something crucial: “Dogs love to destroy stuff!”

If I were a better dog trainer, ChewProof would not have been born. But out of this challenge came a solution.

We are committed to providing products that stand the test of time and support your furmily members with sustainable solutions that are simple, good for you, good for your furmily, and good for the world.

What started as ChewProof dog beds has evolved into a range of products and services with a single focus: easy solutions providing the highest quality life for your furmily for generations to come. Our offerings are great-looking, environmentally conscious, and ultimately fantastic value for money.

Happy dogs loving their chewproof beds

What drives us at ChewProof is making lives better, both yours and the dogs.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to give your dog their best life!

Our Holistic Approach

At ChewProof, we take a holistic approach to looking after your furmily with products that meet the highest standards:

  • Australia’s Greatest Dog Bed: Our indestructible dog beds are made with Australian components and are designed to be unchewable and chew-proof.
  • Enrichment Toys: Designed to work your pup both mentally and physically, ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Coming Soon

We are constantly exploring new areas, including healthcare, cleaners, and even shampoos, to further support your furmily’s needs.

  • Australian Owned and Made Food: Providing the best of health without any nasty ingredients.
  • Australian Made Cleaning and Grooming Products: Products that perform superbly without harsh chemicals.

Industry Leadership

We are a recognised industry leader, supplying the RSPCA Queensland, Many other leading rescue organisations, a host of pet resorts, and government organisations with our high-quality products. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted name in pet care.

Our Journey

What started as a frustration and a hobby business, has become an organisation that not only strengthens the bond between pets and their paw-rents/carers but also supports the kennel and rescue industry. At ChewProof, all we want to do is make life better for you and your furmily.

Join us on this journey and discover how our indestructible, unchewable, and chew-proof dog beds can make a difference in your pet’s life. Welcome to the ChewProof family!

Why Choose a ChewProof Dog Bed

  • The RSPCA Chooses ChewProof for their shelters RSPCA

  • The durable beds save you time, money and stress in the long run
  • Purpose-built design with an aluminium furniture grade finish
  • One Bed for life; The Frames are guaranteed for the life of your fur-child
  • The dog bed of choice for Kennels, Doggy Day Care centres, Shelters, Rescues and Breeders
  • The Trampoline style offers orthopedic support for larger breeds and aging dogs
  • Tough Mesh and Riplock Mats to Choose from (we recommend the Riplock for diggers)
  • Our clean, simple and minimalist design means no chewy bits to destroy!
  • Australian made Mats ensure durability with 12 month Guarantee
  • Lightweight aluminium construction is easy to move and will not rust and mark your flooring
  • As a result, ChewProof is great for toothy breeds such as: Border Collies, Dalmations, Boxers, Bulldogs, Staffys, Beagles, Huskies, Golden Retreivers, Airdales, Dachshunds, Mastiffs. Whippets/Greyhounds, English Setters

Kevin Gammie

Pack Leader

Meet Kevin Gammie, our Pack Leader and the mastermind behind ChewProof Dog Beds.

Kevin’s journey started in the number-crunching world of accountancy before he ventured into sales and recruitment, ultimately running his own recruitment business.

Along the way, he also founded the Brisbane Small Business Community because, let’s face it, no one should have to suffer the trials of entrepreneurship alone!

Kevin’s true calling was revealed by his mischievous beagle pup, Jasper, a furry menace who had a serious talent for chewing through everything (and we mean everything)! After destroying countless of beds, the cheeky dog turned out to be a blessing in disguise, sparking the idea for ChewProof Dog Beds.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a mission to save fellow pawrents from the daily chaos of naughty pups. Kevin wanted families to enjoy the fun of having a dog without constantly dealing with torn-up bedding and emergency vet visits because someone’s been munching on the dog bed filling again.

Through interactions with other pawrents and as well as heroes in the pet care and rescue industry, Kevin knew it has become his mission to ensure that every dog will have the opportunity to lead a healthy and happy life, free from the chaos of constant chewing.


Development and Testing Officer

Meet Jasper, ChewProof’s resident Development and Testing Officer and the true inspiration behind the brand.

Jasper bounced into Kevin’s life as a baby bundle of joy with teeth that were, quite frankly, larger than life. This little furball chewed everything in sight: beds, plants, the house – you name it, Jasper had a go at it.

Before ChewProof came along, one particularly memorable incident involved a brand-new dog bed. It only took Jasper a few hours to shred it to pieces, leaving fluff and fabric strewn across the living room.

Then there were instances when he’d decide that their potted plants needed some ‘rearranging’. By the time Jasper was done, it looked like a mini tornado had swept through the house.

By the age of three, Jasper was starting to calm down, though his chewing adventures were far from over. Just as things were settling, along came Reo, adding another layer of happy chaos to their lives.

Jasper’s relentless testing has been vital in developing our ChewProof Dog Beds. If it can survive Jasper, it can survive any pup. With Jasper on the team, we guarantee that our products are up to the toughest of challenges.


Master’s Apprentice

Say hello to Reo, the Master’s Apprentice and the latest whirlwind to join the family. This cheeky dynamo is a bundle of cuteness with a penchant for chewing on everything in sight – just like his fur-brother Jasper.

Reo’s journey to ChewProof began when his first family realized they needed a home where he could truly thrive. It was perfect timing, as Kevin was on the hunt for a sidekick for Jasper – someone to complete their furry duo.

But don’t let his innocent looks fool you – Reo is a force to be reckoned with. During a product test for ChewProof, we introduced a new pillow top that seemed like the perfect addition to our ChewProof bed. However, Reo had other plans. In just two days, he managed to transform it into a fluffy mess, sending us back to the drawing board.

With his boundless energy and mischievous spirit, Reo keeps us on our toes and ensures that our products are truly up to the challenge. Alongside his brother Jasper, they work tirelessly as part of the ChewProof team, testing products and earning their wages in treats and plenty of love.

We’re thrilled to have them both on board, adding their own special brand of chaos and charm to our ChewProof journey.