Building your Chew Proof Dog Bed

Tough Dog beds don’t have to be tough to put together. Your ChewProof Bed is easy to assemble with just a few simple steps.

We’ll help you here and remember, the bed is designed to last a lifetime and guaranteed to 10 years, the Mats, 12 months for Riplock PVC and 100 days for Mesh, so you won’t be doing this every other week like some beds.

The Mats are designed to be firm in the frames for two reasons; first, for great orthopaedic support for your dog, and second, for greater durability. All fabrics will stretch over time, and the tighter initial fit will ensure your mat lasts longer.

Dog Bed Materials

Step 1: Unpack the box

Not much more to say here, find a nice clean flat surface and make sure your pup doesn’t steal any of the parts while you’re working.

Dog Bed Materials

Step 2: Make sure you have everything

This is important in the beginning, I know our Beagles love to “Help” as we’re doing work around the home, just sometimes, they don’t help as much as they think. Especially when they borrow parts of something I’m putting together, or laying on stuff, that’s another favourite. We won’t talk about them eating stuff… That’s how we got here in the first place.

Step 3: Insert the rods into the fabric

Yeah, I don’t know how I can add to that. Four Rods, four edges… go for it!

Step 4: Slide the Frame along the edges

Still hard to add extra commentary here, you know what to do.

One thing to consider is to make sure you have ChewProof reading the right way, none of us wants to be upside down our whole life, and it shows you care too.

Oh, with the PVC mats, you might want to lubricate the edges (I use canola oil) any basic oil will be great and some people have used dishwashing liquid.

Step 5: The Corners

This can be a little tricky, especially corners three and four.

I find with the fabric being a tight fit that you may need a screwdriver (not the drink) one of those flat head ones, or something strong and flat, to separate the corner and leverage the frame into the grove of the corner.

Remember it’s meant to be tight, so occasionally a little patience is needed with this step.

Step 6: The Legs

Another of the, not much to tell you parts, it is a good idea to put the screws into the slots because that stops the legs from falling off.

The bed will work without the screwing step, but you might be hunting the backyard looking for a missing leg, and nobody wants that.

Step 7: Just make sure all the corners are tightened appropriately and are neat.

Oh.. and put the rubber feet on each one. That way you won’t scratch the floor.

ChewProof Dog Bed

Step 8: Step Back and enjoy your handiwork…

Nothing feels as good as accomplishing something.

Step back and enjoy it.

The last point I’d make is, to encourage some pups, it’s a great idea to rub something with their smell on it, an old towel or something like that, even the torn mat from their previous bed, something they’ll recognise as familiar, as this will speed up the process of them loving the new Bed (it won’t smell all new and foreign to them, more homely straight up).

Time for your pup and you, to enjoy the new durable and strong ChewProof Bed. YAY!!!