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ChewProof Indestructible Dog Beds 

ChewProof Dog Beds

Dogs chew stuff. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes it’s a bone, other times it’s your favourite pair of shoes. But more often than not, it’s their bed. If you’ve ever been frustrated with an adorable (but destructive) little fur friend, then we know your struggle and we’re here to help.

ChewProof Dog Beds are exactly what the name suggests. A premium product designed to foil those canine chompers by concealing fabrics in an indestructible aluminium frame. These durable, long-lasting beds are made to industrial standards and used by Pet Resorts in tried and tested conditions.

Why ChewProof is the ultimate dog bed


Our durable beds mean you save yourself time, money and stress in the long run


Our design is purpose-built and created with aircraft grade aluminium and furniture grade finish


Each bed comes with a 12 month warranty on the heavy duty vinyl mats & 5 years on the Frames


We’re the dog bed of choice for Kennels, Shelters, Rescues and Breeders


Strong, sturdy frames are comfortable and supportive for bigger dogs


High quality, durable materials are easy to clean and don’t harbour allergens


Our clean, simple and minimalist design means no chewy bits to destroy!


Australian shipping means quick delivery at a much lower cost


Lightweight aluminium construction is easy to move and store


Great for toothy breeds such as: Border Collies, Dalmatians, Boxers, Bulldogs, Staffys, Beagles, Huskies, Basset Hounds, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Mastiffs. Whippets/Greyhounds, English Setters


Best of all, you won’t get mad at your pooch anymore for acting on those doggy instincts

ChewProof Store

Order your Chew Proof dog bed! We ship from Brisbane, so Australian customers will benefit from speedy, low cost delivery.

Small Bed

Dimensions: 65cm (w) x 45cm (l) x 16cm (h)

Medium Bed

Dimensions: 86cm (w) x 70cm (l) x 16cm (h)

Large Bed

Dimensions: 100cm (w) x 76cm (l) x 20cm (h)

Extra large bed

Dimensions: 120cm (w) x 87cm (l) x 20cm (h)

Our warranty

  • 5 year warranty on our lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium frame
  • 12 month warranty on our heavy duty mat

Satisfaction Guaranteed

What is everyone is saying about ChewProof Dog Beds?

ChewProof Dog Beds are well built and carefully designed to ensure that your dog will be comfortable. It’s completely ChewProof, with a 12 month guarantee!

The Pet Pad

We’ve been using these beds for about 8 years. We love them, the durability is amazing even with the most persistent and roughest of chewers. Cleaning is so easy and brings it back to a sanitised state.
A Brisbane Resort

We have been using ChewProof  beds in our doggy day-care for a number of months and can’t believe how strong they are. We have approximate 60 dogs a day and not one bed has been chewed or broken. Unlike other brands!

Paws and Relax Doggy Day Care

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Chewproof Beds live up to their name?

Loose and exposed fabric is the enemy!

The beds have no fabric exposed where it can be chewed, the seams are secured inside a channel within the frame, so your fur child can’t get to it with their teeth.

This vinyl is coated in polyester to foil those persistent diggers and is easily cleaned. We recommend this option to our professional customers and regular households alike.

If it can’t be seen or touched, it can’t be chewed!

This means no gaps in fabric, no edges to yank on or grooves to get teeth into. We’re so happy with this design, our beds are backed with an all-inclusive 12 month warranty.

Do ChewProof Beds provide orthopaedic support?


Being off the ground in a cot-style bed evenly distributes weight so pressure points are relieved and dogs can enjoy a more comfortable area to lounge in pain-free.

What fabric types is recommended for dogs with allergies?

For dogs with Atopic Allergies:

These allergies are usually caused by particles that are inhaled (mould, pollen, dust mites etc).

For these dogs we recommend our heavy duty vinyl. This fabric will not harbour allergens that may have come off your dogs fur or paws.

This fabric can be easily cleaned which means irritants are wiped off with a damp cloth or even hosed down and wiped dry for immediate use.

Is the fabric suitable for all Australian climates?


Because our beds keep your dog up off the floor, your dog’s body heat won’t be absorbed or retained.

Is fabric suitable for my destructive dog?


The heavy duty vinyl is the most durable option available.

With vinyl-coated polyester it is exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

This is the best option for those dogs that love a challenge!

Can I track my shipment?


Upon receipt of your order, you’ll be given a tracking number with your order so you can see how your newest purchase is travelling.

With all our beds shipping from Brisbane, Australia, you’ll have your package in no time.

How do ChewProof beds compare to other dog beds?

Our beds utilise this clever design and technology to keep fabric hidden from dogs and provide a durable aluminium frame that won’t break, snap or fold despite your dog’s best efforts.

We’re the choice for Kennels, Shelters, Rescues and Breeders.

Do ChewProof Beds cater for extra large dogs?

Our beds are perfect for large dogs and bigger breeds.

Often, these larger dogs experience joint pain from less stable beds. Keeping them supported, off the ground, on our heavy duty mats helps to distribute that bulky weight evenly, resulting in a happier dog.

Our aluminium beds are designed for up to 116kg.

Why are ChewProof Beds better for my dog’s health?

Our cot-style elevated beds distribute weight evenly which relieves pressure points such as hips, shoulders or elbows that otherwise get sore if your dog is lying on the ground.

Other pillow-style beds also harbour allergens, dust and dirt.

With no stuffing to collect bugs or grime, dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies will be able to breathe deeply and relax in their clean, foam-free bed.

This means no gaps in fabric, no edges to yank on or grooves to get teeth into.

We’re so happy with this design, our beds are backed with an all-inclusive 12 month warranty.

Is the fabric easy to clean?


Our heavy duty Vinyl are easy to clean because their materials are non-absorbent and dry instantly.

You can hose or spray them and wipe them dry ready for use. Easy!

Are other fabrics and covers available?

Not at this stage.

We are exploring the option of a Fleece cover and will get that. Please let us know if you are after this option.

12-month ChewProof Warranty

We guarantee the structural integrity of each of our dog bed frames for 5 years and the heavy duty vinyl fabrics for a period of 12-months from the original purchase date of the bed.

If your dog is able to damage any part of the frame or fabric by chewing beyond usual usability, we will send out replacement parts for free.

Cosmetic damage and any damage caused by persistent scratching/digging is not covered under the 12 month warranty.

All warranty claims are limited to one free replacement part per bed.

Replacement fabrics and parts that are purchased separately are covered by our Chewproof warranty.

Photo proof is required with each claim submission. Please send any photos and claims to there is no need to send us the damaged product. After submission please allow five to seven business days for us to assess damages and get back to you.

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