At ChewProof, we’ve created the best dog bed in Australia.

And they’ve been well tested!

We’ve supported dingos, wombats, rabbits and of course dogs. Lots of dogs. All kinds of dogs from labs and retrievers, staffies to frenchies and mastiffs and mutts. In fact, you name it, we’ve seen it. That is after all what they’re designed for.

Working with rescue centers, breeders, and kennels, the beds have had everything thrown at them except the kitchen sink. That was a bit too heavy, but seriously, when we see a problem we jump to fixing it.

The mats we use today are very different from when we started out, and we have transitioned to proudly Australian Made mats.

So, which one is right for you?

Mesh or PVC?

And the answer is… well that depends.

It depends on three factors: The environment, your dog and its habits, and your cleaning desires.

The Environment and Your Mat Choice

We live in Brisbane and have used both mats for our dogs, Beagles and a Basset.

We do find in summer the dogs migrate around the yard a lot (our dogs are outside during the day). And they move from shade to sunny spots, even in summer.

We also found that even in summer, the dogs would be happy to lie in the sun on the PVC mats. Maybe not for too long, but the fact the mat was solid, and not a breathable mat, did not deter the dogs from sleeping there.

However, we do find they enjoy the breathability of the mesh mats longer in the summer months.

Now in winter, as I said, we’re in Brisbane, so… Yeah, our opinion on winter is pretty mute.

For those in a colder climate, I’d recommend a PVC mat, with a cheap blanket from Kmart or similar, something that will provide a bit of insulation if the dog is outside in the cold.

Why wouldn’t we supply that… It comes down to cost, to be honest. We could offer such mats, but not cost effectively. Until we can we’ll encourage you to use something that works (Even if it may need replacing fairly regularly.

In short, in really hot climates, we lean to suggest a Mesh mat. For colder climates, a PVC Mat.

Your Dog and its Habits

Some dogs are chewy, others are scratchy and some are just a whirlwind, much like Taz, the Tasmanian devil.

Chewy Dogs.

With the design of the bed and the aluminium frame, the dog can’t get its teeth anywhere near the mat. Simple verdict either. (Consider environmental and cleaning factors)

Diggy Dogs

The Mesh Mats have a high tolerance to support dogs that dig, but if your dog is an incessant scratcher and digger, the PVC mats will be stronger. So take this into consideration.

Dogs that are lite scratchers, or ones that have a crazy bed routine, you know, jumping on the bed and pushing like they’re trying to fluff the pillow, adorable as it is, really won’t affect the mat too much. I’d stay with either choice and look for environmental considerations or your cleaning desires.

Dogs like Taz…

You know if you have them.

It’s a quirk of their nature.

We know you love them. We do too. It’s because of a dog like this that we embarked on the ChewProof Journey.

They’re into everything, chewing, scratching, digging, persistently seeing every object in a Me Vs That battle to the end. Yep… That was Jasper. He finally calmed down when he turned three (Yay team). For these pups, I’d recommend a PVC Mat Without hesitation.

Cleaning Desires

While appreciating this sounds a little strange, and I’m completely without judgement. I’m more on the lazy side myself.

Please appreciate that both mats are designed for indoor/outdoor uses.

We have one by the pool, another undercover outside and another inside.

Melissa’s the clean freak (non-judgmental) we love and need clean.

She loves the fact that the PVC is a smooth surface. We wash that down with anything from a disinfectant to dishwashing liquid. The bed undercover outside is at the back windows and the dogs sleep on this and lick the windows. So, when I’m cleaning the windows, I clean the bed, and it comes up fine.

I know daycare centers prefer the PVC Mats, as they can wipe them down with a disinfectant daily and they come back to new and smells amazing too.

The mesh mats drain amazingly, and we have one outside by the pool. It gets rained on and left for months (remember, non-judgmental for you too), occasionally I drag it in and clean it, but as I mentioned earlier I’m not as fervent as I really should be.

When it drains means the moisture runs through, but this is not the recommended method of cleaning.

For both mats, I’d recommend a weekly wipe down with your choice of detergent, a quick rinse and give a quick dry. The mat will remain looking and feeling new for a good length of time.