The Journey of ChewProof started with one naughty puppy.

Jasper was a 6-month-old beagle who never gave up!

Now we’re not pretending to be the best dog training in the world, in fact as trainers we’re great dog lovers. Yes, he has us around his little paw.

Not a ChewProof Dog Bed

The Bed Necklace
I had commented that if he wasn’t so cute, he could be dead, or sold by now but he’s still here.

The challenge was that within three months we’d gone through three beds.

He shares with Angus our 10-year-old basset, happily most of the time, at least for Jasper.

Jasper also thinks Angus, like his beds, the lime trees, the garden plants and our house are all just his personal chew toys.

One favourite game is grabbing Angus’ tail and yanking it as hard as he can to pull Angus around the yard (Ouch), but back to the beds.

After the initial bed was destroyed, which we wrote off to the bed being a little old and Jasper being a little new and not used to the surroundings. He managed to get his claws into the mesh and then gnaw away at the edges with his teeth, and within a week, it was pretty useless.

One very wet day, I went to the pet store to get a new bed. The one I wanted, the same as the one being replaced, was sold out, so I got a sturdier-looking bed. Within two days, Jasper had shredded this one. It cost over $150 and in two days was absolutely destroyed. So fast we didn’t get a photo.

Back to the shop, credit was offered. Thank you to ‘Best of Friends.’

Searching for a Chew Proof Indestructible Dog Bed

Not a ChewProof Dog Bed
Angus making the most of what’s left
What I wanted, was another bed, but looking at the range, the only one that I saw with any hope of lasting was out of stock. So we waited.

We put the old bed back, it was more a shell with a bit of fabric hanging off, but the dogs seemed to like having a frame to sleep in.

Two weeks later, still no bed from the store; we managed to find what we were after online. Yay!!! Even better, not $119, only $78 – Winning!!!

Until – within ten days, the corners were frayed.

A week later, there was a small tear in one corner.

Within the month from the arrival of the bed, once again we were the proud owners of a frame with fabric hanging off the sides. Shredded, again.

OMG – How many people are going through this?

How many are giving up in frustration?

I started looking online for indestructible dog beds. Chew Proof Dog Beds. Nothing came up within Australia.

I had to keep modifying my search and eventually found a couple in the US. By the time I’d converted the US price to Australian Dollars and then added the cost of shipping – wow, $500plus, that’s not feasible.

So I talked to a friend about importing some, just a small shipment, and seeing if there was a demand for a quality indestructible dog bed.

Let’s face it; every little angel has a bit of devil in them.

That’s how we started ChewProof – Tough stuff for devilish dogs.

After two and a half years, and around 250 sales without needing to replace any beds for clients, we decided it was time to take this a little more seriously.

Since then we’ve started sourcing Australian Made mats for the beds, to match tough dogs and tough Australian conditions, and as they say… The rest is history.

Chew Proof Dog Beds
Indestructible Dog Beds, with a tough aluminium frame, and a comfortable supporting mat