At ChewProof Dog Beds, our love for dogs goes beyond crafting indestructible beds. We believe in supporting organisations that dedicate their efforts to the welfare of our four-legged companions. One such group that sits close to our hearts is Beagle Freedom Australia.

Founded with a passion for giving beagles a second chance at life, they’ve become pioneers in rehoming animals previously used in teaching and research.

The Beagle Love Connection

ChewProof Dgos Jasper and Reo

ChewProof’s founder, Kevin Gammie, understands the joy and loyalty that beagles bring to a home.

His inspiration for ChewProof, Jasper (read his story here) and Reo, makes our commitment to supporting Beagle Freedom Australia extra special. These two beagles hold a special place in our hearts and motivate us to make a difference in the lives of their fellow furry friends.

Unveiling Australia’s First Beagle Sanctuary

Beagle Freedom Australia has set a remarkable precedent by establishing Australia’s first rehoming program designed for ex-research, ex-testing, or ex-teaching laboratory animals.

Specialising in beagles, the breed commonly chosen for laboratory settings, they extend their care to various breeds and animals. The organisation believes that every animal, regardless of their past, deserves love and happiness.

Right to Release: Paving the Way for Change

At the core of their mission is the “Right to Release” legislation, a groundbreaking initiative compelling research facilities to offer dogs and cats for adoption after their research use, rather than resorting to euthanasia.

Beagle Freedom Australia has been at the forefront of campaigning to implement this legislation across different Australian states, with NSW already passing this crucial initiative.

Sponsorship Program: Making a Personal Connection

Their unique sponsorship program allows individuals to support special needs ex-research dogs and cats. Sponsors receive a plush beagle (or cat), a certificate of sponsorship, and other goodies.

This program not only aids in caring for animals with specific needs but also builds a personal connection between sponsors and their sponsored pets.

Challenges and Triumphs

Running a rescue comes with its set of challenges, ranging from legislative changes to securing funding for animal care.

According to Nikki Steendam, the president of Beagle Freedom Australia, One of our primary challenges is the varying pace of legislative changes across different states in Australia. While some states have embraced our “Right to Release” initiative, with it already passed in NSW, others have been slower to implement it. Additionally, securing funding and resources to care for rescued animals can be a continual struggle!”

Community support plays a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges. Advocacy efforts, spreading awareness, and contributing to the sponsorship program are tangible ways individuals can make a meaningful impact.

You can help spread awareness by following Beagle Freedom Australia’s Facebook Page and share their community news from there.

To help the organisation raise funds, ChewProof has partnered with the group. Part of the proceeds from beds bought through this link will go to the rescue group. The money will go towards making sure that the dogs in their care live comfortably while waiting for their furever homes.

Future Goals: A Compassionate Vision

Looking ahead, Beagle Freedom Australia envisions a future where the “Right to Release” legislation extends to all Australian states.

They aim to promote the adoption of non-animal models for research, potentially rendering their rehoming services unnecessary in the long run. Strengthening their sponsorship program remains a key goal to provide comprehensive care for special needs animals.

Inspiring Success Stories: Baxter and Maggie

Baxter and Maggie stand as living testaments to Beagle Freedom Australia’s success. Their heartwarming journey showcases the impact of love, care, and second chances. Watch their inspiring story here.

Help Beagle Freedom Right Now

In supporting Beagle Freedom Australia, ChewProof is not just championing the cause of beagles; we’re contributing to a broader movement that advocates for the rights and well-being of all animals.

Let’s continue to spread love, raise awareness, and be a part of the compassionate journey towards a brighter future for our furry friends. 🐾💙

Aside from buying a bed for your dog using this link, wherein the rescue group will receive part of the proceeds, you can take it one step further by buying them one of our ChewProof beds.

Donate a Dog Bed to Rescue Centre

Beagle Freedom Australia needs 10 beds for their rescues. Our beds would last forever and would help a lot of dogs for years to come. Click this link to donate.

For every bed you buy, we are also donating 20% cash to help them continue their good work.

If you’re part of a rescue group, we’re ready to help! Reach out and message us – let’s collaborate to create a safer, cozier world for our furry friends.