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Ideal for Small Breed Dogs (72cm x 51cm x 16cm)


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Small – Pawfect for dogs up to 10 kg (eg Dachshund, Pug, Shih Tzu, Jack Russell)

Cozy, Comfy, ChewProof: Your Pup’s New Throne Awaits!

ChewProof Small Bed is here to sprinkle some magic into your pint-sized pup’s naptime!

Our beds are built to last and styled to please, with a design that’s as sleek as it is sturdy.

Durability meets nap heaven— it’s the perfect snoozing spot for your furry friend!


Key Features:

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty: Say woof to worry-free snoozing! The bed’s aircraft-grade aluminium frame comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring it stands the test of time. We promise it can handle the zoomies, the jumps, and the jolly good times.
  • Chew Proof, Indestructible Dog bed: No exposed fabric is the key. We designed the beds so that your dogs can’t get their teeth anywhere near our high-quality tough pet mesh mat.
  • Tough Pet Mesh Mat: The tough Pet Mesh mat keeps them cool and cozy with its breathable design.
  • Easy-Peasy Cleanup: Messes are no match for ChewProof Beds. A quick wipe or hose down, and it’s back to being pristine — because we know playtime can get messy!
  • Easy as Assembly: No tools? No problem! Our beds are as easy to assemble as a game of fetch. With a simple allen key included, your buddy will be lounging in no time, with almost no work from you.

Ideal for Small Breed Dogs:

Dimensions: 71cm x 52cm x 16cm

Our Small Bed is tailor-made for petite pooches weighing up to 10kg. ChewProof gives your little one ample room to stretch, yawn, and dream about endless treats and belly rubs.

Why Choose Our ChewProof Bed?

We’re all about making sure your pets are happy, healthy, and safe. Our beds combine comfort with durability, so you can worry less and your pet can wag more!

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“Chew proof bed is hit with our cheeky puppy. I am impressed with the clean design and smooth look of the bed. The frame has a guarantee for a lifetime. Best of all our puppy loves to lounge on it.”

Phill Tsingos

“We were tired of going through replacing the beds bought from the regular pet stores that my Frenchies would chew or scratch to pieces within weeks of buying. The beds are easy to keep clean and after two years the bed was as good as the day it first arrived, so we purchased another for them. We would highly recommend these beds. They definitely are ChewProof.”

Jennie Fitzgerald, Xevous French Bulldogs

“ChewProof not only provided our company with exceptional service whilst we were gathering quotes, they delivered over 200 beds to separate sites in a remarkable time frame too.

The beds themselves are strong and robust, yet look highly desirable in the pens. Most importantly of all, is that our dogs like them too!”

Hayley Kennington, Operations Manager, RSPCA Queensland

Got Questions?

That’s okay. Here are the answers to the ones we get asked all the time…

Because of their unique design, Chewproof beds don’t give your fur baby anything to grab hold of except aircraft grade aluminium.

There’s no exposed fabric. No gaps, no edges, no grooves to sink their teeth into.

Our experience is that after a few weeks, most dogs simply give up trying and settle for using it as a comfortable, sleek-looking bed.

But even if your puppy’s unusually persistent, we guarantee the frame for ten years.

Yes. because the bed is suspended, hammock-style, your dog’s weight is distributed evenly, providing relief for the pressure points and allowing them to lounge pain-free.

If your dog’s a chewer, then yes. In all likelihood you’ve already spent nearly this much on beds your dog has gleefully torn to tiny shreds and spread across your house.

If you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time.

Chewproof beds have a frame made of aircraft grade aluminium, and a tough-as-nails mat it’s impossible for your fur baby to chew without getting through the frame first.

Yet time and time again, owners report that their dog loves their Chewproof bed and finds it super comfortable.

So you can buy a new bed every month for the next ten years…

Or you can buy a Chewproof bed once.

It won’t just save you money in the end, it’ll save your relationship with your fur baby too.


Order one with a Riplock PVC mat, so it can be easily cleaned and won’t harbour any allergens.

A quick wipe with your preferred cleaning product and it’ll be ready for even the most sensitive of fur-babies.

Yes. Once again, our unique hammock design comes to the rescue.

Because your puppy will be suspended in our bed, their body heat won’t be absorbed or retained.

Combine that with a breathable mesh mat, and they’ll be nice and cool all day long.

Absolutely. The Riplock PVC mat is guaranteed for a year, even if your dog’s a digger!

That’s why so many shelters and council pounds love them.

Of course you can. We’ll give you a tracking number so you can stay up to date on its whereabouts.

With all of our beds shipping from Brisbane, it doesn’t take them long to reach you.

It was watching my own dog destroy a leading competitor in under 2 hours that prompted me to come up with Chewproof’s unique design.

The Australian made mat is guaranteed for 12 months, and the aircraft-grade aluminium frame is guaranteed for 10 years.

Because there’s no loose fabric to grab, and because the frame won’t break, snap or fold, it’ll defy even the most persistent of dogs.

Which is why we’re the preferred supplier to kennels, shelters, pounds, rescuers, breeders, and the RSPCA Queensland.

Our beds are perfect for extra large dogs.

Not just because they’ll withstand even the toughest of jaws, but because the frame is strong enough to support up to 130kg.

And because of the unique hammock-style design, your dog’s weight is evenly distributed, leaving them more comfortable too.

Our hammock-style elevated beds distribute weight evenly  offering great orthopaedic support, relieving the pressure points such as hips, shoulders or elbows that otherwise get sore if your dog is lying on the ground.

Other pillow-style beds also harbour allergens, dust and dirt.

With no stuffing to collect bugs or grime, dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies will be able to breathe deeply and relax in their clean, foam-free bed.

This means no gaps in fabric, no edges to yank on or grooves to get teeth into.

We’re so confident in this design our beds are backed by our Extended Warranty.


Our heavy duty Mesh and Riplock PVC mats are easy to clean because their materials are non-absorbent and dry instantly.

You can hose or spray them and wipe them dry ready for use. Easy!

Not at this stage.

We are exploring the option of a fleece cover, but as with all our designs, it would have to undergo rigorous testing first.

Please let us know if this option is of interest to you.

We guarantee the structural integrity of each of our dog bed frames for the life of your dog (10 years) in domestic and in commercial environments.

Riplock PVC fabrics are guaranteed for a period of 12-months from the original purchase date, while Tough Pet Mesh fabrics are guaranteed for 100 days.

Mesh mats are guaranteed for damage caused by chewing and Riplock PVC mats for any damage caused by your dog,

If your dog is able to damage any part of the frame or fabric by chewing beyond usual usability, we will send out replacement parts for free.

Cosmetic damage and any damage caused by persistent scratching/digging is not covered under the 12 month warranty.

All warranty claims are limited to one free replacement or a total refund, including shipping costs (if appropriate).

Replacement fabrics and parts that are purchased separately are covered by our Chewproof Extended Warranty.

Photo proof is required with each claim submission. Please send any photos and claims to there is no need to send us the damaged product. After submission please allow five to seven business days for us to assess damages and get back to you.

The Extended Warranty is free to everyone upon registration. Register here.

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