Paul adores his two Anatolian Shepherds like family. While his female pup fits snugly in her bed, his male pup, a growing giant, faced a problem – he outgrew his ChewProof bed.

It’s initially perfect but it soon became too small as the gentle giant continued to grow, often hanging awkwardly off the edges for comfort.

Realising his pup needed more space and robust support, Paul turned to ChewProof again.

He reached out, explaining the situation and seeking a solution for his massive dog. Luckily, his timing was just right.

We just launched the Giant ChewProof Dog Bed, designed with massive dogs over 50kg in mind.

“I’m in!” Paul was excited.

With the Giant Bed, his pup can stretch out comfortably, finally relaxing without Dad worrying about the bed bending or breaking under his weight.

We’ve received tons of stories like Paul’s. And here at ChewProof, we’re always happy to create solutions for fur parents and their beloved pets. Take our Giant dog bed for example. It is made to ease owners’ struggles with large dogs, ensuring they can provide their pups with the best possible comfort and support.

If you have a massive dog and you constantly find yourself with dog beds that fall apart easily or can’t accommodate your pup, get a Giant dog bed today. Order here and give your dog a sweet spot to nap on!